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There are more than 11 million videos on youtube about ABC and alphabet, and that is not including any other social media or video hosting website. Parents often use these videos to entertain children while trying to educate them on it at the same time. But more often than not kids are just watching the videos mindlessly without interaction. So I created this Alexa Skill to teach children about fun and interactive way.

What it does

This skill will teach children new words and alphabet by asking 26 questions. The questions go through A to Z, saying a word and then spell it out. This is followed by another word with same starting alphabet, then children are asked if it also starts with the same alphabet as the word that was said to them before. If they get it right, they move on to next words and alphabet. This will repeat until they get through A to Z. If they don't get it right, it will still tell children the right answer so they can still learn.

How I built it

I built it using AWS Management Console, Amazon Developer Console, and Alexa Skills Kit. I previously made a similar skill, but for college students to help their journey in their college years. So it was not too challenging to make Alphabet Adventure for children. Everything was written in JavaScript and Node.

Challenges I ran into

I wanted to make sure it was fun for children to use this. I had to come up with some ways to keep children intact to the skill. So I wrote a sort of story for children to follow along while playing a game. This is Alphabet Adventure in Alphabet Land and you are accompanying Alexa to help her explore. Also since it is an educational skill, I had to make sure words were spelled right and pronunciation from Alexa was audibly correct.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am actually proud of writing this skill. Coming up with 52 words and incorporating that into the little story to teach children about Alphabet. This skill is an accomplishment of mine by itself.

What I learned

I learned more about how to manipulate Alexa to say the words and letters the way I want. Also as a college student, I learned about time management while working on this. I really wish I had managed my time better after hearing about this to include more features. But I think I did what I can in my time, and after all, I am proud of what I have created.

What's next for Alphabet Adventure

I would like to expand my skill to include more stories and choices to teach words and alphabet to children. Instead of a linear progression, I plan to make it possible for children to progress however they want by visiting certain places in this skill using their voice.

**Stock Videos used in the demo videos are from which are royalty free videos with consented parents and kids.

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