In India, we have more than 7500 plastic recyclers yet the majority of plastic ends up in landfills. Moreover, these recyclers face a major problem with the availability of recyclable plastic. Therefore, we aim to fill the gap by connecting them with plastic consumers.

Our platform aims to bring plastic consumers and the plastics recycling industry in close collaboration with each other. We have added a feature that enables the plastic consuming industries to opt for alternative non-plastic products and connect them with those that sell them.

We started with building a very basic prototype on Figma and later added various functionalities to our model.

We had very limited time to plan and develop over the weekend. It took us a little time to decide how we should approach it as we are new to this. We were confused about whether to directly start building something or improvise our idea. We then used Figma which was the first time we ever used it. It took a little time for us to get used to it and learn its features.

As this is our first hackathon, we were able to come up with a solution for a very common problem around us which is often ignored in a short span of time. We built a prototype of our project using Figma. It was the first time we used Figma and learned about its various features.

While researching for the project, we came across multiple resources that emphasized the graveness of the situation in the plastic recycling industry. We also had hands-on experience in building a prototype.

We would be building this prototype as a real-time web app using the MERN stack. Also, we have thought of some additional features and functionalities to add to our project to make it better for the users.

Built With

  • figma
  • sheets
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