Social engagement since the Covid-19 pandemic has indeed reduced by quite a bit. People are stuck in a hybrid workspace where neither of the physical or virtual worlds has come to a halt in the slightest. We wanted to give our best to develop a virtual collaborative and enhancing platform that would enrich many by providing real-time interaction over various activities.

What it does

Alpha Motus helps boost social engagement in remote settings by providing feedback and interaction with other friends and users improving remote social engagement standards and uplifting the overall skill in the activity itself. Our goal with alpha Motus was to enable users to have fun learning and collaborating on a wide number of skills from pushups, squats to baseball swings in their own place at their own convenience where they could virtually invite their friends or other users.

How we built it

We primarily used BlazePose for the motion tracking based on the different points to track on the body along with python, JS, HTML, CSS with a bunch of technologies specially Twilio.

Challenges we ran into

We have faced numerous challenges from splitting up as a team of 2 to facing migration problems while trying to connect the python BlazePose module to a JS Twilio video setup. We have constantly overcome each hurdle and kept adapting throughout the past 24 hours.

We did not have much prior experience in the front-end but managed to learn a lot during the hackathon.

We had a bit of trouble with numerous things related to google Cloud and the domain name by domain. come and managed to overcome that with the mentor's help.

We were stuck at trying to integrate the Twilio video setup with our project for a long while and lost on actually managing to launch it with the appropriate features as planned. Hopefully, this does not repeat again in the future!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have primarily discussed and brainstormed a lot of features ourselves along with the help of awesome mentors like Stephen James. We have learned a lot from concepts of how ML models work and tried to tweak one to our own needs as well! We have always managed to provide valuable counterarguments to each idea and justify it before proceeding ahead. We are proud of having achieved real-time integration into our project which helps boost remote social engagement by a lot.

What we learned

We learned that any obstacle is a wall coming at you that can be easily climbed upon with the right mindset and clear vision of our goal. We have managed to understand the true ethics behind a hackathon and the hard work behind producing a good project. It is more than just being able to code, it is a desire to provide a solution to a problem. We have also learned the core basics of recognition algorithms using the device's camera module and how to utilize them for our benefit.

What's next for Alpha Motus

In the near future, we would like to switch to closed source and integrate with parties providing strong deep learning and machine learning models that we would use to train on large datasets of professionals in the respective activities being offered. This way we would show the best way to perform the activity for eg: Squats, which would be brought to you straight from the best professionals around the globe! We would also like it to have a video interface with peers that would boost remote social interaction along with a posture corrector that helps improve the overall activity performance. We would most importantly launch it as a web app for multi-device usage enabling a vast user base.

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