Have you ever missed a meeting or found a really good video resource that is too long to watch?

Yes, it has happened to most of us.

That's why I built Alpha MeetScript

What it does


  • Converts the audio in your video to text and shows you the full transcript on a webpage


  • Uses AI to filter out 30% of the most important sentences from your transcript and shows it to you in the form of a summary

Find Words

  • You can enter your name or a specific word and It will return a Numbered List of all the sentences where your name/word was mentioned

Challenges we ran into

  • Had only used NLP once before
  • First time using Flask for Deployment
  • Had difficulty storing the input from an HTML form and using it as a Python input (Used environment variables in the end)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Built a full working model
  • Deployed it on the web using Flask and designed an interactive interface

What's next for Alpha-MeetScript

  • Planning on adding an upload files option so that the app can be deployed online and users can use it without downloading files
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