The inspiration to participate in this Hackathon event is that we like new challenges. Although this is our first-time in creating a google chrome extension, we tried our best within this 24 hour. Furthermore, we try to develop something useful that can facilitate people, particularly students like us. Hence, we surveyed Stony Brook University students around campus asking them what's their biggest concern or problem in pursuing their education degrees. As a result, 18 out of 31 participants said low GPA was their main concern, and the direct reason is not that they are irresponsible or the HomeWorks is too hard, but that they accidentally missed the deadline. 

We conceptualized all the ideas we got that could possibly solve the situation. Finally, we came up with our product aLpha.

What it does

aLpha is an amazing convenient tool that can assist students to facilitate their work and successfully achieve their education. It allows students to have access just by clicking the icon 'aLpha' to all the assignments deadlines. The designed extension gets all the future assignments through Blackboard and automatically sorts them for you based on your preferences. Moreover, students could also manually type their tasks into the schedule along with the assignments. Finally, we want to give more facilitation to the user. With the help of aLpha, students are able to navigate different websites such as SBU Solar, Degree Works, Campus Printer, etc.

How we built it

We use HTML, CSS, JavaScript to build our product. 

We met in the library coding in the morning and started coding all day long. The process of building the project is absolutely difficult but concurrently it is enjoyable. Finally, we tried the best of our effort to build an extension demo.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge we encountered is that we are coding in a totally new language. This is a totally new challenge for us because we are building the project but simultaneously learning the language, me as well as my partner. We did not know any other languages other than Python, Java, Ocaml. In the process, there was a content security policy issue from chrome in our code which in total took us around 2 hours of fixing it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

After 18 hours of effort, we finished our first project named aLpha! we are very proud of it because the final demo is definitely out of our expectations. We hope this can really help students here at Stony Brook University to boost their scores and facilitate their schoolwork. Not only that, we as a programmer will also benefit from aLpha because this is extremely useful that can save me a huge amount of time.

What we learned

We learned that having the same big picture (What) in direction and different ideas (How) is extremely crucial. During the coding process, the intention or the big picture of our team is clearly defined what to do, trying to develop a tool to help students in Stony Brook University. And at the same time, we contributed different ideas of how can do it. Then, we start the development by implementing the selected ideas from us. 

What's next for Untitled

The development of this project was exceptionally fun. This is a very unique experience we had. Time is chasing you and you need to think really fast to come up with a solution. 

Overall, a fun event! I hope we can help people with aLpha.

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