• Thousands of communities in the world today don't have access to education.

  • Sometimes, people do have an idea or want to build their own educational startup but don't have acces to the knowledge required to do so, or can't arrange finances

  • Alpha Ed Assist aims to provide a solution to that

What it does

  • Has a Natural Language Processing chatbot built with Python to solve a user's queries regarding the opening of an educational institute/school

  • Has a Sponsor Portfolio page where you can:- --> Connect with sponsors through the Whatsapp API --> Visit a sponsor's website --> View a sponsor's offerings through color-coded tags

  • Integrates all of this through an aesthetic User Interface

How we built it

  • I used Python to program to chatbot and nltk to program the Natural Language Processing aspects of the chatbot

  • Figma was used for the UI/UX Design of the working prototype

Challenges we ran into

  • Sever errors in the chatbot
  • low accuracy
  • Colors not matching with the UI Design

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Being able to build a working prototype that can help people in real life
  • Designing an aesthetic UI for ease of use

What we learned

  • Learning chatbot development through Natural Language Processing
  • Learning about new aspects of UI Design
  • Adding interactive buttons, links, and animations to Figma prototype

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