A lot of farmers are not digitized and would benefit from what our software brings. Also, this industry is not as technologically advanced as some others so we thought this would be interesting and worth it

What it does

  • Creates an online inventory tracker for farmers to keep track of their yields and their stocks.
  • Creates an online market place for farmers to sell their crops, farming equipment, and more to other farmers and potential consumers -Also enables farmers to Interact with other farmers and grow their network to further establish communication and interconnected farming communities

How we built it

We used HTML and prototyping software to create the mobile app

Challenges we ran into

The HTML and the recording due to technical difficulties

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating the web app and mobile app, as well as making our idea become a reality

What we learned

HTML, prototyping, how to make a business pitch, preserving

What's next for Alpha Crops

Bring this product to the real world and seen in use to better the agricultural industry

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