What inspired us for this project was the realization that everyone is different, and everybody has knowledge of something that many others may not be aware of. So why not bring people together through collaborative "talks", and educative "sessions" to teach each other what they know?

What it does:

It gives opportunity to everyone to learn and everyone to teach. Basically, every user is a learner, whereas every user also has the potent to teach something too. If anyone is interested in teaching to people about a topic they are well familiar with, they may use the app to schedule a date and a session to either "teach", or to set up a "discussion talk" on it. Venue may vary from home, to a small set up office, to even cafes and library rooms!

How we built it

We used Android programming for app development. Created tables and databases using MySQL, PHP for writing the queries. Used Github to maintain a software repository and for the commits. We also used some Google Map APIs for GPS integration and identification of other users in the surrounding. Used Lorem Ipsum for generation of random values for datatables.

Challenges we ran into

Firstly, the major challenge was to deploy Google's Map APIs, and to display users spread over latitudes and longitudes. (Since we had only been familiar with Android programming for about two months). Scheduling a session. Also, making the database consistent for the sake of test run was an issue, because lorem merely generates random values, and there was no correlation between the tables.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of the fact that it is indeed an innovative idea, generalizing the term "education" to not be confined within the subject walls of the Indian educational system, but to a wider range of topics like Fitness, Fine Art, Pet care, Motherhood, etc. (Apart from Sciences, Mathematics, Social Studies, as topics, of course). It is an idea which doesn't currently exist, an idea which hasn't been implemented(yet).

What we learned:

We got a thorough insight into Android programming, and Google APIs. Aaprt from that the Hackathon taught us collaborative work.

What's next for Alpha-Cogn:

The current prototype can be expanded and made operational across the globe. Everyone can get involved in freelance teaching, or pursue educating students more seriously. There is also a choice for the people to openly come up and volunteer teaching people about something they are well aware of. Everyone can learn something out of the knowledge possessed by others.

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