An aging person is more prone to ill medical conditions, So we use modern techniques to analyze and alert them of their health condition in regards to to various factors , it would help them live a healthy lifestyle.

What it does

An android application helps aging person to keep track of their medication, Health condition, calorie intake which are sent for data visualization to get probable solution for ill health condition, alert of possible outbreak or any disease he is susceptible to in a given area through text messages. He would get notification alerts about his medication, health condition and doctor appointments. Data visualization help health agency and medical practitioner to analyze data from different demographics and help to reduce situations such as endemics and help in medical research. Our data visualization tool, dashboard consists of graphs and statistical visualizations which shows different categories of diseases, contagious vs non contagious diseases. Our web tool consists of different events related to medical terms in near by area are displayed. It consists of calendar which can be dynamically updated with above events. Past data used for visualization is used for predictive analysis and alert android application

How we built it

We divided our team into two one each for designing an android mobile application and data visualization. Android application consists of a simple UI with personalized login interface. Features such as wellness information, which contains vital information such as blood pressure,oxygen percentage and glucose content, information related to one’s nutrition information, events that takes place in and around users location and finally application consists of information related to his medication for which data is collected by medical agency from doctor and pharmacy with patient’s consent. Twilio APIhas been used to send text messages to android phones. For data visualization we used D3 visualization for web apps to create pristine data visuals . JavaScript is used for creating a web based game simulation for contagious diseases.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenge was setting up the UI as friendly to aging people as we can. Mobile application should be simple and should contain vital information.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We designed a web game environment using D3 visualization for predicting outbreak of contagious diseases in neighboring regions of current affected area.

What we learned

Extending our application to people in all demographics is an interesting area to be explored. A speech based extension for this application using Amazon’s alexa will be much helpful for an aging person. Using wearable devices a critical situation can be determined and an emergency contact is made with hospitals or a family member.

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