Within times of rapid digitalization, it has become increasingly hard for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to adapt to technological changes. Even though SMEs could profit from cloud-based services, adoption has been slow due to the complexity of the transformation of their business model. We want to change that!

What it does

First and foremost, our web app makes it easy for SMEs to register and experience the advantages of cloud-based services. We aggregated live data such as weather conditions and traffic to predict the number of visitors and therefore the load for SMEs in the area of winter tourism. Full integration of the outdooractive map which allows our users to give detailed recommendations based on the current environmental circumstances.

How we built it

We decided to build a web app around a combination of cloud services. To achieve the modularity needed for this we decided on a frontend built-in Angular, supported by a Python+Flask backend that stores the needed data in a MongoDB. The integrated services are used in many places in the app, be it simple readouts of useful data or detailed analysis of data that allows us to predict their impact on the business.

Challenges we ran into

Fortunately, the region of Allgäu has a lot of digital services for its tourism industry with two fully functional GIS applications. The API for one of these services turned out to be highly informative but restricted us from implementing their data into our own mapping solution. This digital infrastructure presented us with a general challenge on how to create valuable and unique services.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are especially proud of the number of APIs that were included for our prediction (see figure 'Tech Stack'), since they were integral to creating meaningful value. Also we think that we achieved our goal of a simple to use user friendly design, which is focused on aiding enterprises in their decisions.

What we learned

How to successfully distribute work all team members and keep team morale up.

What's next for Alpenlytics

Inspire SMEs to share data in order to make the predictions more reliable and create a digital network for innovation in a time period of transformation of the Winter tourism due to climate change. Integration with the BayernCloud. Real time data collection from SMEs.

Sadly the code cannot be shared openly due to a NDA that we had to sign to get access to certain APIs.

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