Aloud — granting you the seamless verbal narration of any physical text materials.

EDIT: 1st Place Overall; TD Customer Interaction Award; RBC REST API Award; @DeltaHacksIV


90% of the visually impaired have a partial visual impairment. Depending on the severity and cause, this leaves a wide range of ways to read.Instead of depending on the hardly provided Braille or rely on the release of a books’ Audiobooks, Aloud improves the experience of reading physical books for the people within this spectrum.


Using Amazon's Alexa and StdLib, Aloud is a voice recognition tool that lets users translate physical text material by taking a picture of the text.

In the future, we hope to integrate with Google Glass. With this technology, Aloud's process will be simplified and we need less hardware to do what should be an easy task. Ultimately, we wish to improve the reading experience of people with visual impairment, to further educate young kids learning to read, or to simply entertain clients in clinic waiting rooms. With the power of voice integration, technology's interaction with customers is better than ever before.



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