Our team composed of Mihail, Miguel, Dimitur and Hristo have designed a medical EHR software solution for hospitals and its patients all over the world, starting with the UK healthcare market, to increase transparency in the field and increasing quality control management for the doctors.Using our platform solution Alota, both the patients and doctors would be able to easily manage, track and analyze different patients cases and symptoms with no need for the patient to explain their corners or issues with every recurring visit to different doctors and hospitals.

This solution will make hospital visits experience smoother, more secure and enable greater transparency around the patients data for both patients and the doctors. As well as increasing the accuracy of the diagnosis and the ability to visualize a patients history quickly and easily.

With the use of Alota, medical research, clinical trials and studies can be done quicker and more reliably across the world, providing faster advancements in drug development and the cure of dieseases.

With future expansion into video call appointments, appointment booking system, speech-to-text recording, symptoms checker and the possible addition of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for aiding the doctors in assessing a particular patient faster and providing a tailored treatment to their respective condition.

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