Our team consists of key contributors and governors of female DAO. Payments for our members and core teams are one of the most difficult issues we face. Because vital information is dispersed among so many core members, it is difficult to make decisions or ensure that our members are paid on time.

What it does

A dApp that tracks contributors working hours on substrate chain. Making payroll management easier by providing clear visibility of the monthly burn rate.

How we built it

Core team members can:

  • Hire and pay contributors
  • Visual representation of paid members


  • Simple method of introducing working hours
  • Visualize the status of paid or pending payments

Challenges we ran into

Understanding how to run substrate nodes and how to interact with the Polkadot network without jeopardizing the user experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Saving all of our dApp information on substrate chain.

What we learned

Rust and how Polkadot network

What's next for AloPay

  • Connect with edgeware to leverage substrate naming system to identify core members and contributors.
  • Provide the ability to create a multi-sig wallet that the DAO core team can use to monitor their burn rate in real time.

Built With

  • crust
  • phala
  • polkadot
  • substrate
+ 10 more
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