During quarantine, we are all battling a feeling of loneliness as we are separated from our friends and family, a similar feeling for astronauts aboard the ISS.

We were inspired by our experiences in quarantine to create a website to help people combat feelings of isolation.

When building our website, Alone In Space, we used HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Through using these languages, we were able to incorporate a professional design and make the website user-friendly and interactive.

While making our website, we faced several challenges. For instance, on the mission control page, we initially had trouble centering the panel, making the buttons circular, and creating a text animation. Also, on the journal page, we had trouble using javascript as we wanted to personalize it according to one’s name.

We are proud of participating in our first hackathon and our efficiency working together as a team.

Through this process, we were able to enhance our skills in web development. We learned how to make a side navigation bar, create animations and a random quote generator, use flexbox, include gradient backgrounds, and many more.

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