Aloha is the all-inclusive app for the COVID-19 crisis. From the start of the day to the very end, there will be content on there that will help people get through each day of the lockdown. We currently offer a motivational quote, book recommendation, and film recommendation for the day. But as we incorporate Google Firebase as our backend, we will create a discussion board where people can talk about COVID or other subjects with their friends and recommend movies, books, or albums. We also want to create a bucket list feature that will allow people to do small challenges in Quarantine and share them with friends. We believe Aloha can become THE quarantine app where everyone spends their time on.

What it does Gives users a daily quote, book recommendation, and movie recommendation.

How I built it Using swift in xcode, made a bunch of api calls and built out the frontend through drag and drop

Challenges I ran into Organizing the group was difficult to find roles for people and work on a collaborative project over zoom.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of The idea and the beginning of a potentially great app. We built a minimum viable product and can only improve from here

What I learned A lot of swift and how to work in a team to accomplish a software project

What's next for Aloha Aloha will work on integrating Google Firebase and creating user authentication and messaging within the app through Google;’s servers

Built With

  • adobe-xd
  • and-film-recommendation-for-the-day.-but-as-we-incorporate-google-firebase-as-our-backend
  • book-recommendation
  • books
  • firebase
  • there-will-be-content-on-there-that-will-help-people-get-through-each-day-of-the-lockdown.-we-currently-offer-a-motivational-quote
  • we-will-create-a-discussion-board-where-people-can-talk-about-covid-or-other-subjects-with-their-friends-and-recommend-movies
  • xcode
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