Mental health is the proverbial elephant in the room that no one wants to address. India is on the verge of a mental health epidemic, yet one would hardly find a public discourse on ways to prevent it or treat it. There are hardly any steps being taken at the scale required to manage this increasing number of people with mental health issues.

There is a huge gap in the treatment that should be available and of the help available at hand, easily and cost-effectively. Even in developed countries, the ratio of psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric social workers, and mental health nurses to patients is 1: 10,000.

What it does

Aloha is a chatbot oriented to help you out in a mental crisis. The bot is aimed to study your questions and analyze what you are going through and suggest some useful resources which could help in dealing with the problem.

How we built it

I used Figma for our wireframe design, Javascript, CSS, and React.

Challenges we ran into

My biggest challenge was figuring out how to implement a chatbot with a dialogue tree. Originally, I wanted to train a machine learning AI to respond to text inputs but later I decided to go with a more guided conversation flow. The dialogue tree chatbot took far longer than I expected it to, so I had to scale back the project's features to make the deadline.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I used the chatbot efficiently

What we learned

I learned about basic machine learning in Python and how it wasn't the right fit for my project, and I generally brushed up on React and design skills.

What's next for Aloha-The magical healthy chatbot

The Professional Section can be improved to provide a healthy chat forum between different users and they can chat and resolve their issues under professional guidance.

Similarly, I can add a user login system to ensure the chats and your questions are stored in the chat and so that you can log in and keep a track of your activity on the portal.

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