My project has three parts:

1 Training website which is ( -> Provide data to the algorithm in order to train the model

2 Landing page which is ( -> Beautiful design front page. From auto website builder

3 Algorithm PDF which is ( -> This algorithm idea was originated from my last summer research project. I took the idea and finish the code here

3 Slack news delivery which is (


I choose to work on this project because when my friend Jake interned in New York Time, the most frequent problem he got was people(including his colleague and customer) opened Techcrunch, then CNN, then Buzzfeed, then Entertainment and read (let us assume) 30 news. 15 pieces are either viral or popular. After they drink their coffee and watch TV shows, they would remember 5. At the end of the day, what was inside their mind was extremely big tier news like Bill Gates started Microsoft, which is a totally waste of time

What it does

Aloha for readers: the Internet is full of spam article which can waste a lot of time when you read it. Aloha filter that information and deliver the content through a Slackbot to the team. Simple click. Simple share.

Aloha for writers: our platform is open-source which means people are sharing articles (both third-party link and original news) in our Slack community. In this way, we help them to share that content. At the same time, the content will stay pure and high quality.

Aloha for lawyer: Research your prospective clients, M&A, litigation, and more

Aloha for Business owners: Learn about your customers and competitors

How I built it

Before the hackathon, I brainstormed with my mentor and basically get the logical things done so that I can dig into the code right away when the hackathon starts.

I finished the training website in 6 hours.

The algorithm Jupyter notebook took me about 12 hours to build. Yeah I did not sleep.

The Slack bot is very intuitive and easily set up.

Challenges I ran into

There are three-part

1 The algorithm is so hard to build

2 How to build a Slack bot and integrate Slack API

3 How to set up a website within a short amount of time

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I integrated the research idea from last summer which is a combination of mathematics and computer science

The MVP works!

What I learned

I learned a lot in this hackathon. My previous experience is in rapid web development which means set up an MVP website within a short amount of time which is exactly what I do. During a specific amount of time such as 25 hours, how to build a website that presents the result is very important. This hackathon basically gave me a chance to practice non-technical skills such as product management, design, and system architecture.

The most important thing I learned is how to fix problems(ie bugs). It is really really frustrating when I meet a buggy program and have no idea where is the error. However, with the help of the mentors, I developed a systematic way to think and locate the problem and, finally, solve it.

What's next for

we want to introduce this to a broader user base, not just a hackathon project. So here is the **business plan* we got

Business Plan:

Client, readers Freemium (Current Plan)

  • Request a certain number of command to the Slack bot. Let us say 10 news per request
  • Limitation to VIP content
  • Have ads
  • Can not download an article from the internet
  • Have a sample article database
  • Allow asking for information to Slack bot in our channel

VIP, $5-$10 per month

  • Have ads
  • Access to all articles
  • Have ads
  • Allow sharing news to our teams
  • Request a certain number of command to the Slack bot. Let us say 20 news per request

Premium, $25 per month

  • No ads
  • Downloadable digital copy
  • Request a certain number of command to the Slack bot. Let us say 30 news per request
  • Features like Slack bot automatically send a specific content on a specific day such as Technology news on Monday.



  • 50 API requests per month

VIP $50 per month

  • 1000 API requests per month

Premium $80

  • 10,000 API requests per month


  • Freemium

    • Up to 10 news per day in your company's Slack channel
  • VIP $50 per month

    • Up to 20 news per day + a wider range of topic

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