We believe indoor navigation can help disrupt existing fields and simplify daily activities like finding books in a library, shopping for groceries, exploring venues like museums and airports etc. So we started to solve one of the most difficult and relatable problem for students and librarians by tracking misplace books in libraries.

What it does

The Biblio Bot is a robot which can self-navigate itself in a library whose map has been stored inside the robot. It can move around various shelves avoiding obstacles and people from its path. Whenever someone needs help in finding a book, he/she can call this robot by pressing the call button placed at various locations on the library floor. Once a user presses the call button, the nearest robot will access that coordinate and reach there by doing path planning.

How we built it

We made an android App that scans the barcode/QR code of the books and checks its current location in the library. If the book is misplaced then it notifies the librarian. We utilized advanced indoor navigation algorithms to guide our robot to do obstacle avoidance and path planning.

Challenges we ran into

At first we were unable to scan multiple QR code at a time, this slowed down the application but later we managed to fix this.

What's next for Alo-Guide

We plan to perfect the product to launch it into the market and scale to a level so that we can approach other venues.

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