• Transport users are worried about whether their bus will be on time. This uncertainty means that people turn up early, leading to lots of time wasting.
  • The complete journey of transport system users is invisible at AT Transport.


Create a useful service for transport users that enables Auckland Transport to continue to improve its service to the community.


A mobile application that focuses on when to leave to make the bus on time, dynamically adjusted based on congestion and bus location infomation.


The value to the transport user is minimising wasted time spent waiting for their transport to arrive or missing early arrivals.

The value for Auckland Transport is identify and understand location to location data. Shining a light on user's journeys outside of the transport system. We know this because we record where the origin and the destination as well their journey along that route. This data is fed back to Auckland Transport to enable analysis.


Options for users to register their AT HOP card enables more sophisticated analytics and integrates the application into user's everyday patronage.

Pricing model of the city is static, but usage patterns are dynamic.

Almost There will be able to help Auckland create a more useable, more efficient and more customer-centric transport system.

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