Homelessness is a growing problem facing our city. Studies show more than 60% of homeless persons have access to cell phones. This technology is a valuable lifeline for those with few resources. A comprehensive application can help homeless individuals improve their situation and receive needed services.

What it does

Almost Home is a comprehensive application offering unemployment, health, and housing resources as well as a portal for underserved persons to share their stories with others.

How we built it

Almost Home is a full stack application built on the .Net platform also utilizing AngularJs and T-SQL.

Challenges we ran into

Narrowing down the most helpful resources, such as hospitals, food banks, shelters, and job services.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Implementation of APIs (Indeed, Google Maps) to augment the user experience.

What we learned

There are few resources available to the underserved, and maximizing access to these is very important. We learned a lot about various APIs that can help target the population.

What's next for Almost Home

We would like to include additional features such as chat and resume services to increase the usability of the application.

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