After reading articles on what consumes most amount of water, I've realized that water usage at home isn't causing the drought, it is agriculture that is affecting our drought.

What it does

We track the water usage and returns the equivalent of beef, chicken and almonds to create awareness for users. If the agriculture is using most amount of water, then the only way to cut agriculture is to cut the demand.

How I built it

The Artik is using waterflow sensors to detect the waterflow in sink as well as shower, the information is then uploaded to the cloud. The user can use their smart phone to see how much water they used, and what is that equivalent of in terms of almonds, beef and chicken.

Challenges I ran into

Getting Artik device was quiet a challenge, since it's not until mid March I can actually start to play with Artik.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That i am able to correlate data

What I learned

We can save a lot more water by eating less almonds, beef and chicken in a single day than not using water in our house for the entire month.

What's next for Almond, Beef and Chicken

Polish it more and push it into the market

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