We have named our product name ALMIGHT. ALMIGTH is a complete Dapp development kit and workspace. ALMIGHT is trying to do a similar thing, to what FireBase has done for WEB2. The difference is that we will cover most of the built functionalities from WEB2 and WEB3 together.

The core objective of ALMIGHT is to better developer experience while delivering products with top-notch user experience. We connect technologies such as 1. PAYMENT GATEWAYS, SOCIAL SIGN-IN, CENTRALISED STORAGE, DECENTRALISED STORAGE, DATABASE, TRANSACTION, AND EVENT HISTORY, WALLET AND PROVIDERS, SMART CONTRACTS, AND MANY MORE through a single function call.

One of the main reasons why WEB2 developers are resisting WEB3 development is because web3 development is complex. Integration of WEB3 and WEB2 in a single Dapp is inevitable but a cumbersome process. Web3 technologies are scattered and the existence of standardization has just begun. Due to heavy lifting configurations and high volatility, web2 developers are finding it hard to try Web3 technologies. For e.g, the wallet authentication system needs a variety of implementations depending on the device, for almost every provider, whereas in web2, third-party login systems can be designed in minutes, from a single API.

The complete roadmap and the featuring services are listed below: 1. Software Development Kit (SDK) with plug-n-play elements and simple integration system 2. All-In-One Authentication System 3. Concise Provider 4. Crypto & Fiat Payment Gateway, Smart Contract CDN Hosting and Dapp Hosting 5. Transaction and Event Indexers 6. Database, Centralized, and Decentralization storage 7. Push-Notifications, EventTriggers

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