Our Inspiration

Designer clothing and high-fashion are extremely expensive luxuries. These clothes and dresses tend to be worn just for a few times, if at all worn more than once. A cheaper way to experience luxury clothing is not prevalent today. The fact that expensive clothing is usually worn less times by the owners can be used as a solution.

What Almari does

Almari is a crowdsourced virtual wardrobe that attempts to redefine luxury clothing. Our target audience is millennials. Almari provides a web platform for high fashion products to be shared and thus better utilized. We tried to achieve two objectives:

1) An efficient way for lending/renting and borrowing high fashion clothing items. Our search criteria uses the type of event (formal, cultural, party etc.) as the method of suggesting possible clothing matches.

2) A good system of monetization for people who invested in luxury clothing, and a cheap and hassle-free experience for people who want to rent out clothes for specific events.

Almari ensures quality of the clothing items put on its store by using a UID of any clothing item.

We also have a feature for donating clothes to Salvation Army.

How we built it

The frontend of Almari is built using the Bootstrap framework and AngularJS The backend is built on Parse and Node.JS

Challenges we ran into

No one knew Parse and one person had to learn it from scratch.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built an API for GAP that gives an image for a product code. Clean and professional UI/UX

What's next for Almari

Social media integration. Get to know the sentiment of your friends before borrowing/purchasing a dress. Use the Postmates API for enabling exchange of clothes from anywhere to anywhere.

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