Mental-Health is a topic most people are suffering from but nobody gives attention to it. There are people who need help and many people who want to help in case of Mental Health. But they are not aware about each other and hence there is no improvement.
Also, due to COVID situation many people are in dire need of resources which also is major cause for panic and mental stress around the world and especially in India. Many people are coming forward to help but due to lack of communication the help isn't reaching the needy.
This inspired us to develop our project Ally-WebApp which would provide common platform for both helper and needy in easier way and organized way for solving the communication issue for both situations.
Hence, resolving two issues simultaneously.

What it does

This WebApp displays all the major resources and help services that are being used and need by people sorted as per their category.
The WebApp shows the resources in organized manner and provides feature to filter the data using city as parameter. 
Also the WebApp has feature where helpers who want to share resources or know about them can post it to dashboard so it's available to everyone and they increase the reach of their help.

How we built it

The project is made using ReactJS and material UI library for front-end and the database is stored on Firebase Firestore.
Also the WebApp is deployed with help of Google Cloud Platform and Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

Some of the challenges we faced

  1. Hosting a ReactApp using GCP , Firebase, Custom Domain
  2. Integrating Firestore DB with React WebApp

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The WebApp

  1. Successfully displays resources classified under different categories hence ensuring only meaningful information. 
  2. Provides feature to filter resources data as per cities. 
  3. Provides quick contact to all the resources mentioned using Call and WhatsApp from the WebApp itself on the click of a button makin it fast and efficient.
  4. Provides individual helpers a platform to broadcast their resources to one in need.

What we learned

While making this project we learnt about integrating Firestore DB with ReactWebApp and hosting a ReactWebApp using GCP and firebase

What's next for ALLY-WebApp

The Ally-WebApp now is just using the surface of its limitless potential

  1. It can used to broadcast and search and for many different kind of resources and problematic situation where you may need others help.
  2. For next phase, we have planned to integrate a chatbot with it that shows the help needed by users by scrapping twitter tweets of helpers.
  3. Also we are thinking to add, a feature to auto add new resources category without developer integration.
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