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What it does

The system establishes the optimal lighting profile for each lamp on the basis of both traffic and weather conditions, in addition, it will upload data concerning the lamp and central units states with sensors data to the cloud.

How we built it

Allumini consists of two units, we have built the central one using power supply circuit, 4G module, sensors (Humidity, temperature, rain and CO2) and an RF transceiver for short data transmission. For the lamp unit, it consists of RF transceiver, power supply circuit brightness sensor and motion sensor. The gathered data from the different sensors (lamps state defected or not, temperature, humidity,...) is sent from the central units to the cloud, in order to be displayed on Allumini platform.

Challenges we ran into

Developing a good algorithm to control the data flow between lamps and central units, as well as building the platform in a limited time (less than 48 hours).

Accomplishments that we're proud

-Completing the main features of the platform on both back and front end. -Making a prototype to show the proof of concept of our idea. -Creating a well-organised detailed document.

What we learned

-Teamwork -Managing to work under stress and pressure -Time management -Developing more some hard skills depending on each team member (Embedded systems, graphic design, web development)

What's next for Allumini

Starting up

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