We were inspired by the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The project will contribute to the simplicity of unboxing the user's emotions to correspond with what the user would like to listen to.

What it does

AllTheFeels prompts the user how his/her day is going, then depending on the sentiment expressed by the user, it produces a list of regularly-updated Spotify playlists tailored to his/her mood.

How we built it

A database of playlists was created that related each with a curated level of sadness/happiness. Then, AWS Lambda was used for Alexa to prompt the user how his/her day is going, the output is processed with IBM Watson's AlchemyAPI to produce a sentiment score. The list of playlists is then sorted by the score of the user using Python. Alexa then offers the user each playlist using AWS Lambda. The playlist selected is then sent to a Java Web Service hosted in the user's computer, which pops up the Spotify web app and reproduces the playlist through Alexa, this is possible by using the computer's bluetooth.

Challenges we ran into

Trying to understand the intents in Alexa through AWS Lambda was difficult for the team. Then, uploading the Python scripts made by the team to AWS successfully took multiple attempts. The biggest challenge for the team was to reproduce the Spotify playlist onto Alexa as Amazon Echo doesn't allow developers to address third party apps through custom skills.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The team had a very beneficial spectrum of skills. The team believes the project couldn't have been completed if any of the members weren't present. The learning curve was also challenging, but with enough time and focus, the team was able to learn the required skills to carry this project.

What we learned

The team learned how to work with AWS, more specifically Lambda. Amazon Echo was also a big topic of study for the team throughout the development of the project.

What's next for AllTheFeels

The team is constantly trying to make AllTheFeels more personable to the user. The team is also looking forward to create a web app that allows the user to use this service with more ease. Finally, the project is being targeted to be uploaded into the Amazon Skills Store

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