This iPhone app will address mental health and wellness; whereas some apps are concerned with specific emotions (feelings of depression or another), users can input all and any 'FEEL' they are having. For inspiration, the BELL ‘Let’s Talk’ program and ’moodnotes’ app by ustwo and Thriveport - both address user’s feelings and promote self-help.

What it does

The goal is to maintain the user’s happiness by letting the user identify their emotion and create a 'FEEL' with an face emoji. Said 'FEEL' will have have users input actions for the specific 'FEEL’ which will be saved for future use when the user is feeling the same. An example would be if you are feeling ‘sad,’ the user can input to automatically call ‘mom’ or ‘send pizza.'


An iPhone app that lets users input the 'FEELS' they are having and set different actions / options to perform. The goal is to maintain your happiness, so go with 'ALL THE FEELS from A to Z.'

How we built it

We are currently using iOS, Xcode, firebase, twilio for calling and text services, illustrator for design interface, and html for the webpage.

What's next for ALL THE FEELS

At the moment, the application has pre-made faces where the initial concept had the user start with a base face where they would swipe to choose facial expressions, characteristics, or other gestures they want associated with their 'FEEL' emoji.

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