What do you feel when you are waiting for a waiter in a cafe or a restaurant.

Imagine a situation. You come to a restaurant. First thing you do is wait for the menu. The waiter brings you the menu. Then a waiter may either come too early when you are not ready to make an order or you have already made your choice and the waiter isn’t coming. Time goes by. You place the order. Then they finally bring you the dish and it’s not what you expected it to be in terms of its size or taste. Maybe it wasn’t said on the menu that dish contains gluten or the waiter forgot to mention that it’s spicy. Or maybe the dish is just too small.

And finally you want to pay and leave, but you still need to wait for the bill and of course pay some tips

We don’t want you to wait anymore. We want you to know exactly what you order and we want to save you some money

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