We started by imagining what it would be like if our lives were torn asunder. What it would be like to lose everything: our possessions, our country, our community, our independence- our homes.

While it is impossible to fully comprehend the horrors that this fate entails, imagining this situation gave us some ideas about what we would want if we were in that situation. We would want our normal lives back. We would want to continue pursuing our hopes and dreams. We would want some semblance of a home returned to us.

This was our inspiration, and every decision we made beyond this stemmed from our desire to meet these desires so that these girls can thrive again.

What it does

Our organization creates a supportive community that empowers girls to continue their education. We mobilize refugee girls, their parents, refugee teachers, host teachers, and international donors to create a safe environment where the girls can learn. We focus on educating girls about science and mathematics as well as practical matters such as the language of the country they reside in and the benefits of healthy living. Our goal is to allow the girls to remember the dreams they had before their lives were torn asunder. We are the allies that will help their dreams become reality.

How we built it

We used X-Code in order to build the app for all iOS devices. We also started building the app on Android studio, but will finish that version on a later date. We used node.js for the backend of our app in order to connect our frontend to the Twillio api, Google maps api, Google translate api, and Facebook api.

Challenges we ran into

We had a difficult time getting the API’s to connect to our apps. It was difficult as many of them did not have updated code for Swift 3, so that required a lot of debugging. Swift 3 was also a challenge to code in as its relatively new and we had to do a lot of research as to how to use the language.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of how we are helping refugee girls realize their dreams. This as worthy a cause as there can be, and we are honored that our actions could potentially help these impoverished girls. We are proud that we will create communities that help revitalize the lives of refugee girls.

What we learned

We learned that all parties must be involved in the solution. The parents must feel safe that their girls will not be harmed while going to school. The teachers must be educated and understand their role in the lives of the girls. The sponsors must understand what the difficulties of education in a refugee camp are and what exactly they can do to help the girls. And the girls must understand why their education is important for their future. All parties must understand their roles and work harmoniously to empower girls to a better future.

What's next for ALLIED

We plan on implementing an Android version of our app. This will allow us to reach the majority of the refugee community and will broaden our effect. We also must solidify our curriculum and make that available to the students, teachers, and parents. Finally we plan on organizing international teachers to travel to the refugee camps and act as inspiring guest lecturers for the girls.

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