There's a gap between industry health care resources and patients taking healthy actions. From the industry perspective this gap leads to $100s of millions in increased costs due to poor utilization and poor adherence to treatment plans and medications. For the patients it leads to poor health as well increased costs.

Our perspective is that the gap exists because the consumer experience with health care is broken. Health care is intimidating, complex and burdensome. While the industry is now making information more accessible, it's still up to the patient to pull it all together by themselves. Studies show 9 of 10 patients don't understand their treatment plans, 50% of chronic medications users are not adherent, almost 50% of workers don't have time for preventative care and 80% of people forget doctor's instructions within minutes of leaving the office.

The industry strategy to place more responsibility on the patient - consumer directed health care (CDHC) - is missing an important fact. Despite an increase in information, the patient still has to "do it". Look at the world from the patient's perspective. They have to coordinate multiple doctors, dentists, optometrists, pharmacists, labwork, medications, supplements. Now multiply that by the average family. That's why we built Allie.

We combined 4 years of patient assistant experience and 10 years of health care IT to deliver a solution to bridge the gap between health care and the patient by connecting information to action. Allie provides a central point of information to create a health care plan, actual help making health care arrangements, online refills and supplements ordering, and a new channel for communication between health care and patients. It's like a "do it" button for health care.

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