Dust in a room is a problem for people who have allergy and rhinitis.

What it does

A project for monitoring dust and allergy sources in buildings. The project including a dust sensor, an environment sensor, and a power relay module. And the sensor would monitor data and control the relay module, upload all data to our server using HTTP request. All data would show on our OLED screen at the same time. We have a demo show how it works. It shows the air quality in a room including PM2.5, PM1.0, and PM10 data. It also shows the temperature, humidity and light intensity in the room. Light intensity can help people to save power, to show is the light is still on. Also, any other electronic device can connect to our relay module, we have API to support remote controlling of any device. Site:

How I built it

We built it based on Arduino, PMS5003 air quality module, DHT11 temp& hum sensor, L1 light sensor. We have a OLED screen. We've built a server using Google's cloud services. Also, we have a relay module. Arduino do all data reading and then using serial transmitting to feed the data to PC. We have a client based on C# to read the data and formatting it, then update it to our server using HTTP request.

What's next for AllergySaver

We would finish work of some bug fixing, and update our HTTP get API to Restful style API. We would add support for multiple sensors to monitor as many as possible rooms.

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