It's part of European law to list a set of potential allergens from ingredients lists in bold, but this doesn't capture that some people's allergies aren't part of this bold ingredients. So we wondered if there could be a more personalised approach to allergy tracking.

What it does

There are two main features:

-> Take a list of ingredients from a food label and add to a virtual 'food diary' to correlate with any potential reactions -> Take the OCR'd characters from a label and match to a list of known food allergies

How we built it

We used a combination of the Microsoft Cognitive Services API and Android Studio.

Challenges we ran into

-> The intracries of the android SDK -> Poor backwards compatibility of Android

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-> Getting the camera working in an app -> Utilising the power of cloud computing -> Building an android app UI

What we learned

UIs are much harder to design than most other things

What's next for Allergy Tracker

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