Many of our family and friends have allergies, and need to monitor ingredients carefully. We wanted to prevent any allergic reactions, as they can be life threatening.

What it does

Allergy Friendly allows the user to input their respective allergy, which is saved. When the user searches for recipes using our app, it will notify them if the ingredient is present.

How we built it

Our app was build using Android Studio, Java, and XML. In addition, it uses an API to extract certain ingredients/dietary restrictions from various recipes, then cross references it to the user's allergy.

Challenges we ran into

We experiences several problems with github not allowing certain members to push their work, Android studio running slowly, and the loss of our files, forcing us to restart.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite all these challenges we faced and the time constraint, we are proud that that our app is is functional in many aspects. Considering that all of us were relatively new to Android Studio, we were able to persevere, and ultimately put something together.

What's next for Allergy Friendly

There are several features that we would like to implement with more time. These include: a built-in timer for the user to use while cooking, a checklist feature so the user can create a shopping list, and images to accompany the recipes.

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