Food security is now a common concern for many people. We want to create a tool that can help users easily and quickly identify foods that contain allergic ingredients to them.

What it does

The app walks users through 2 simple steps. First, users need to fill in the box with their allergy. Then, they need to upload image of the ingredients. Finally, the app will provide result whether the food is safe to consume or not.

How We built it

We use: 1) Flutter to build User Interface. 2) Flutter's machine learning kit (MLKit) to recognize text from uploaded image 3) Firebase to store data about ingredients causing allergy

Challenges We ran into

1) How to connect Firebase with Flutter app 2) How to utilize Flutter's MLKit 3) How to retrieve data from database on Firebase

Accomplishments that We are proud of

We are able to finish the app just in time

What We learned

Machine Learning, especially text recognition from images. Creating Flutter app

What's next for Allergy Detective

We want to improve on the database of allergic ingredients so that the app is suitable for diversity of users.

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