Some members on our team have food sensitivites and allergies, and were frustrated with feeling like it would always take too long to order at restaurants, and having difficulty finding something that would be safe to eat. The idea for Allergy Ally was born to help our teammates, and those throughout the world with allergies and other food restrictions.

What it does

Allergy Ally allows the user to upload a picture of a menu. The app then returns which items from the menu the user may be able to eat, narrowing down what the user has to look through.

How I built it

The app uses a Java Android front end, Nodejs backend, uses Google Cloud Vision for ML, and a web scraper made in NodeJs.

Challenges I ran into

The web scraper became challenging at points.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Tackling new challenges, like making a web scraper and using the Google Cloud Vision API.

What I learned

New technologies, working in a team

What's next for Allergy Ally

We have many ways we want to improve upon this app in the future!

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