15 million American suffer from food allergies every year. We started this project to help a friend with many allergies. We wanted to ensure that he would know of the specific foods served at restaurants. The first time he went to Five Guys, he found out to his dismay that he could not eat anything because everything was covered in peanut oil. Our target user is anyone with any number of food allergies much like our friend. We are most proud of the data scraping and aggregation we did in order to provide these services. We hosted our application with Google App Engine and then used Yelp's API to determine if a restaurant was appropriate for a certain allergy. We did this by analyzing the prevalence of key words in the menu, ingredients and reviews. We identified the portions of the reviews that commented on the foods themselves. Based on this we can provide a spectrum of different outputs: Whether the user cannot go to a restaurant at all, go there and order something specific, or go there and order anything.

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