Many people suffer from pollen allergies. The alert options available from and are not very accurate or specific to Houston. Houston has a great pollen and mold index that's updated diligently every weekday. Unfortunately this site is static and doesn't provide some of the capabilities of the modern web. We wanted to make an app that allows users to get notifications and see graphs of historical data so they can reason about trends and changes.

What it does

Provides historical graphs to give you a feeling for trends. Allows you to subscribe to updates for the specific things you're allergic to.

How we built it

Angular and Typescript frontend with a python backend and web scraper.

Challenges we ran into

Push notifications are hard.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The app works really well, and is fairly useful.

What's next for Allergeez

Prediction, guessing what you're allergic to based on feedback, getting funding for pollen research projects and new sensors.

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