The presentation about millennials not being interested in cruise ships, despite the many fun experiences people have had on cruise ships.

What it does

It allows for a fun interactive AR experience on the web with access to promo codes for discounts on cruising.

How I built it

Used JavaScript and HTML along with the AR.js library to have AR, right on your phone or computer.

Challenges I ran into

Textures not working, issues with switching between 3d renders using javascript, 3d models were moving on click instead of staying stationary.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to learn javascript from scratch in the course of a few hours, and make a fun project out of it.

What I learned

Javascript, AR.js library, Flask framework

What's next for AllCruise

The hope for AllCruise is to be able to have this idea become the inception of a better one that can help get GenX/Y out on to cruise ships.

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