It started by watching some Deaf students try to order a meal at a restaurant. That inspired us to create AllAccess.US, an iOS app that lets users "build" their order, then touch a button and have that order spoken (and shown) to the wait staff. Then we added Talking Menus so Blind and Low-Vision users could hear what was available! And we made it FREE!

Because we know that users with disabilities do not like to be stigmatized and singled out, AllAccess.US was made as an app for everyone, hence the name "ALL" in AllAccess.US. Sighted and Verbal users love AllAccess.US as well, because it provides a familiar, easy to view, easy to use directory of businesses. The optional Talking Hints feature is a nice touch, and the ability to SCAN A LOGO or PHOTO to access that business' information is magical. The trademarked REVEAL A DEAL® feature offers fun instant scratch-off style coupons. With the new version, those coupons show up on an Apple Watch as well! These features make the app useful to ALL users, with or without disabilities, so no group feels singled out.

AllAccess.US is indeed free, and, based on Blind user feedback via this challenge, the app now automatically senses if the user is Blind and running VoiceOver, in which case all in-app ads are turned off, for their convenience and the buttons that are only relevant to sighted users are not displayed, making it even easier for Blind users.

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