My idea for All Things Tech came from my own personal experience trying to find conversations and more information about design, product design and UX/UI design. Whenever I try to search up “internships in UX” or “Product Design Intern,” the results I keep getting would be flooded with posts about “software engineer intern interviews” or “software developer internships.” But what about the rest of us? I remember going to a career fair in the fall and I went up to Facebook and Microsoft and I told them about myself, only leaving with them telling me that they are only looking for software engineers or they don’t know anything about design because they aren’t recruiting for any other field other than developers and engineers. The thing is, it wasn’t just me. While I try again with other smaller tech companies I remember this one person in front of me who was introducing themself to another tech recruiter, they were a business student applying for business analysis roles in the tech industry but they were immediately shut down just like me because the recruiters weren’t looking for those positions at the moment. The thing is, at every tech company there is a time when they start looking for business applications or design applications but that career fair just wasn’t our time. When I got home I kept researching on Reddit, Facebook groups and Quora, but I had such a hard time finding any information about design roles even for senior positions. As someone who wants to go into design in the tech industry, and not having a design background, I did not come out of a 4 year design degree with friends and connections who are also in design so it was extremely hard to get feedback and even hearing about other people’s design journeys. This app is really important to me because it fills a gap in the tech industry, because not all of us can code but most of us still dream to one day work for these amazing tech companies.

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