The outbreak of covid-19 had a huge impact on the travel industry. Travel, especially air travel has been severely impacted. fortunately we have access to cutting edge technologies that can alleviate some of this pain

Here, we are building an all-in-one system to elevate the customer travel experience and boost operational efficiencies and employee performance for American Airlines in the new normal.

What it does

All-in-one system for AA's customers to sell and buy miles, boarding using facial recognition, and in-flight system with indications for passengers with Covid-19 vaccination, testing, and special needs.

Miles trading

  • AA's customers can trade miles using AA's mobile app with a percentage of miles as service fee
  • Ability to buy/sell miles
  • Trade miles for seats/upgrades between passengers
  • auction system for trading seats (highest bid, pay with miles)
  • donate miles to other passengers or for seat swaps

Booking system in the mobile app

  • face recognition capable

AA's passengers can indicate:

  • have they taken Covid-19 vaccine, when and which brand
  • have they taken Covid-19 test, when and results
  • add special/ medical conditions and if they need medication reminder
  • upload photos for facial recognition (during boarding)

Checkin and boarding using the mobile app

AA's passengers can check in with QR code and board using facial recognition

Boarding dashboard for AA's staff

  • aircraft seating real-time interactive dashboard showing details and passengers
  • aircraft boarding optimzed with steffen's method combined with social distancing/vaccine/testing data optimized for safety and minimal contact between potential carriers.

In-flight dashboard

  • aircraft seating real-time interactive dashboard showing Covid-19 vaccination/ testing details and special need passengers
  • pill reminder for patients on long haul flights who need medication

Seating algorithm

  • arrange passenger seating based on passenger's Covid-19 vaccination, testing and special needs

How we built it

Mobile app development using react-native

Front-end development using react

Back-end development using python and Google-cloud

Challenges we ran into

Our goals were ambitious and time crunch was a challenge we wanted to build the optimal seat and smart IFE but had last minute power issues with hardware, so we had to focus on the software potions

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built functional prototypes

What we learned

We learnt a lot about alogrithms and web development

What's next for All-in-one system for American Airlines

  • in-flight safe zone (by controlling airflow)
  • hardware build out
  • AA validation of milestrader component
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