FuseID is an all-in-one PayID generator and manager. It "fuses" together everything you need to manage your PayID.

With FuseID, you will be able to quickly create a $fuse.id PayID and manage it. FuseID is to PayID what Gmail is to emails. You can add and remove currencies, check balances in real-time, find compatible assets with other PayIDs, and much more...

Let's try it out. On the homepage you can see two buttons, one to manage an existing fuseID and one to create a new fuseID. Let's click the latest. Choose a name for your PayID, for instance chris$fuse.id, and enter an email and password to secure access to your management panel.

You can now add addresses to your FuseID. Let's start with a Bitcoin address. Enter BTC for the coin, mainnet for the network and a bitcoin address. FuseID will then automatically fetch the balance of that address and display it in the coin currency and also in dollars using a real-time exchange API. Just above, in green, you can see the total balance of all your assets. Let's enter an additional address for Ethereum and for Ripple. You can see that I can easily add or remove addresses using the plus or close sign on the left side of each asset. I can now see the balance next to each address and the cumulative total in dollars up there. This makes FuseID very useful to know the total worth of all your assets at once. FuseID currently supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Ethereum and of course Ripple. More are coming soon, but you can still add any other crypto-currency, you just won't see its real-time balance just yet.

Now that I have added all my addresses, I can click Save and this will update my PayID. I can now use chris$fuse.id on any app or website supporting PayID, but don't take my word for it, let's check it out on PayId Validator. Enter your FuseID and see all of your addresses properly displaying and validated.

Now, let's go back to fuse.id to check out another feature that I have developed. On services and apps supporting PayID and particularly on marketplace apps, it is often difficult to find a common currency between buyers and sellers. You usually have to manually go through your list of currencies and their list of currencies and try to find something in common, which is long and boring. Well, no more, as you can now automatically find common assets using FuseId. Just enter any PayID below and it will display the assets you both have in common to start a coin transfer. Notice this can be any valid PayID and not only a FuseID. Here I can see that I have Bitcoin and Ripple in common with this PayId but not Ethereum. Knowing that, I can now initiate my transfers.

Finally, I have built fuse.id using the best practices in security and availability. Everything from frontend to backend is fully autoscaled using Kubernetes, and protected by a reverse proxy. Looking at other submissions, most of them still leave the Admin API access on port 8081 open to the public. FuseId obviously does not. Security has been my prime concern when building this service. You also probably haven't notice the invisible re-captcha V3 during registration and login to counter brute force attacks, or the salting and hashing of passwords using Bcrypt. Trust me, fuse.id is a fortress! It is a professional production-ready service that will live long after this hackathon, and I do plan to keep adding new and useful features as PayId continues to develop! Thanks for watching.

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