As our team nears the point in our lives in which buying our first home is on our radar, we've realized how cumbersome and daunting the task is, especially for new homeowners. Just the first step, determining which house you can afford, is already difficult, as a home's listing price doesn’t even begin to cover all of the hidden costs and fees. Terms like credit scores, down payments, mortgages, and homeowner's insurance just add to the confusion. So how can an aspiring homeowner ensure they're financially prepared to make one of the biggest purchases of their life? Enter all-in.

What it does

all-in is a web app that calculates the all-in cost (n. the total cost of a transaction after commissions, interest rates, and other expenses) of a house including all hidden costs, fees, and taxes based on state and local laws with just an address (+ some extra details). It breaks down each individual cost, allowing the user to see and learn about where their money is going. Through this comprehensive list of expenses, all-in is able to provide the user with a realistic estimate of how much the should expect to have to pay for their new home so they can be financially prepared for this monumental moment.

all-in has two main value propositions: time and preparedness. It's significantly faster to automatically calculate the total cost of a home than manually entering every expense in. The process is also less stressful and more exciting when the homeowner is fully prepared to make the purchase.

Challenges we ran into

Our team was split between 2 different time zones, so communication and coordination was a challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For two of our members, this was their first hackathon!

What's next for all-in

In the future, we hope to make all-in available on all platforms.

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