Online courses are very hard to manage. When you sit in front of the screen all day, it's easy to get brain fog and miss deadlines. There needs to be a way that I can automate planning my schedule so that my study time is optimized and less time is spent stressing!

What it does

You will get notifications of every activity you have to do, including breaks, exercise times, lunch times, sleep, and study times! All Hands On Deck will parse your syllabi for due dates of homework, assignments, and exams, and it will alert you when you need to study or eat or whatever!

How we built it

Using React Native, Expo, Google Cloud Firebase: Firestore, and Google Calendar Api and lots of caffeine!

Challenges we ran into

Initially, this app was going to be modeled on an android emulator, but due to hardware challenges, I had to use the less-cpu-intensive expo web version of React-Native.

Second, it was my first time using Google Cloud Firebase and using Google Calendar API. After successfully reading and writing to the Firestore, the Firebase dependency got lost somewhere and I was unable to configure the domain for deployment before the deadline.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully configuring the Firestore and programmatically reading and writing to the Firestore. Developing my first React native and expo app. Using the Google Calendar API.

What we learned

All the ways Google Cloud can benefit my apps. They have a vast array of products that are easy to implement!

What's next for All Hands On Deck

Finish the PDF/photo parser, possibly by implementing the Google Cloud machine learning models!

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