Websites can often be hard to use and navigate. Although some websites have help forums and live chats, not all do and it can be frustrating to our users.

What It Does

Pancake Post is a browser extension that solves this problem by adding a forum and live chat to every website you visit.

How We Built It

We created browser extensions for popular web browsers that interfaces with our Python/Flask/Socket-io backend. The user and forum data is stored in a PostgreSQL database, and the whole project is hosted on Google Cloud Platform.

Challenges We Ran Into

Socket-IO turned out to be a much bigger challenge than we expected. It was hard to get it working, but was very rewarding when it finally ran. Additionally, we realized half-way through the hackathon that our database structure needed to be completely redone, which slowed us down a bit.

What We Learned

Our team learned great amounts about all the technologies we used in our project including Python, Flask, Socket-IO, Jinja2, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Docker, and Google Cloud Platform.

What's next for Pancake Post

If this hackathon lasted twice as long, we would have implemented more features including forum and chat formatting, images, and links. Eventually, we want to publish our browser extensions on the browsers' stores to make it easiest for our users to set up the application.

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