Our project is called All Class. The inspiration behind this project is our experience as students with the multitude of academic portals. Whether that be GradeScope, Piazza, TopHat and Blackboard, we wanted to create a single one-click portal that incorporated the benefits of all with the ease of one.

What it does

Functions as a platform combining Q&A, discussion and homework submission portal, assignment release as well as lecture slides and materials.

How we built it

GCP, WordPress, FreeNom, Twilio Notify API, Jupyter Notebooks, MongoDB, Python

Challenges we ran into

Some troubles that we ran into were the implementation of each API and GCP platform. But with research as well as trial and error, our team figured it out and we have learned a lot. We had a lot of fun.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are super proud of the implementation of Google Cloud Platform and through it the utilization of WordPress. It did take us a while to learn how to use GCP but it was very worthwhile and we learned a lot.

What we learned

As a team we learned how to use Google Cloud Platform, WordPress as well as database management. Together our team did research, each covering a topic and aspect of our project and ultimately coming together to form All Class.

What's next for All Class

Further expansions include further use of MongoDB to take advantage of their scalability/flexibility. We would like to incorporate All Class into BU's Student Link service to fully integrate the one-click experience.

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