Almost all of the restaurant reservation applications tries to arrange time of the reservation. However, for customers, it is important to know whole inner view of the restaurant and the exact location of the dining table in the restaurant to enjoy their meals of the place and to have a great experience.

Imagine that you are planning to propose your girl friend to marry you and you need a great ambience for this special event. Instead of visiting all restaurants to feel the atmosphere, we present a new way to experience these places. This is one of the reasons why we designed and developed our application “All Around” to bring this idea into reality.

What All Around does

All Around is a mobile restaurant reservation application for iOS and Android platforms. It allows users to search for restaurants, to obtain information about them such as their cuisine, price level, dress code and location. Most importantly, All Around give users the opportunity of having a virtual tour inside restaurants. Also, these virtual tours involve the available tables for the given date. Feeling the ambience of the restaurants helps users to book for their desired dining tables for their special events.

How we built All Around

We built All Around application by using React Native, and to make the virtual tours possible we utilized React 360. We used Heroku to ran our React 360 application and Expo to test and develop the React Native Application in iOS and Android platforms.

Challenges we ran into

  • Learning the technologies that we have never used
  • Integrating React 360 and React Native in one app
  • Finding 360 degree content of restaurants

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We became aware of the need for virtual reality technology in restaurant industry. As for the personal level, we learned and practiced promising Facebook technologies.

What we learned

  • Cross platform application development with React Native
  • Virtual reality application development with React 360
  • React 360 application deployment to Heroku servers

What's next for All Around

  • Personal profiles for customers to view and to manage their reservations
  • An application for restaurants to manage their contents and reservations.
  • A web application for both customers and restaurants

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