"All Add Up" makes math FUN!  It has the similar fun gameplay as Boggle, but with a math twist.  

It's a fast-paced number game where you find as many equations as possible before time runs out!

Easy to play - simply swipe numbers to create equations.  The more difficult the equation, the higher the score.

If you swipe the number tiles 1, 2, and 3, the last number tile 3 is the answer, and the first two tiles (1 & 2) make up the expression.  The math operator gets automatically inserted.  In this case, the valid equation is "1+2=3".

Earn tokens in each game to use them to redeem Power-Ups.   Incorrect equations will the lock the pieces for a short amount of time.  Get 5 correct equations in a row for a Bingo Bonus.  So, accuracy counts!  

Play against friends and others around the world with Multiplayer.  Since math is a universal language, there is no language barrier when you compete with others around the world.

Challenge your friends to see who can be on top in the Global High Score and gain achievements.

The app is built to fit all of the following devices' resolution: 1) iPad (all generations) 2) iPad Mini 3) iPhone 5 4) iPhone (4th generation and lower) 5) iPod Touch (all generations)

Video to help explain the game: http://youtu.be/zpgpjvUcr5o

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