So our mom has been a teacher for 21+ years, and she's awesome at it. She teaches Computer Science (pretty cool, I know) at Delhi University currently and does freelancing as well where she teaches students from all over the world. She has a perfect 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating so it is safe to say that students love her. So this teacher's day we wanted to build a little something for her.

What it does

It is basically a simple website which is about her. All her achievements, experiences, and publications are mentioned here. She is also not very active on LinkedIn, so this will help her showcase her entire portfolio.

How we built it

We both are extreme newbies, with no knowledge of any framework or fancy technologies so we've built this using pure HTML, CSS, and a little bit of vanilla JavaScript.

Challenges we ran into

Obviously, since we have no prior hackathon or project experience, we faced a lot of issues. But we read up a lot of documentation and some youtube videos and were able to execute most of what we planned.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to create a decent-looking website without any frameworks or pre-defined code blocks. Also, we have shown it to her already, she loved it and is super proud of us (even tho it's a very noob project). She has already started circulating the link to fellow teachers and students.

What we learned

We learnt basic CSS, grid system and how to come up with a decent colour palette. We also learnt about different visual effects like hover, zoom-in, button colour change etc.

What's next for All about Dr. Renu Garg

We wanted to introduce a little section where students (or anyone) can write about her, leave her a message or reach out to her. Today her Facebook and WhatsApp is flooded with 'happy teacher's day' wishes, so it might help her see all wishes in a single place and get easier to respond to her students.

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