The Coronavirus pandemic has taken a devastating toll on people in India. It is not just a physical one but also has bought in pain, isolation, and death. Srot aims to be India's largest Crowd-Sourced Emergency Services Directory. Its main objective is to ease the process of finding resources for an Indian citizen in times of crisis. It is also an initiative to support local food vendors who can provide healthy food to Covid infected people

What it does

This App is developed to connect essential health services with the Indian people in our combined fight against COVID-19.This app completely gives you all the details, precautions, vaccine registrations ,complete details about the covid-19 hospitals in each district ,what exactly the steps to be followed before and during covid-19 too.

How we built it

I used some HTML and CSS stuff for this project .As I was a first year student I am sorry for this as I don't know back end I did as far as I know using the front end

Challenges we ran into

We can able to understand the situation of covid-19 all over the world .People can contact by online or offline to covid-19 related hospitals using the doctor section in the app .Everyone can access the quick links which redirects to many official websites related to covid-19 such as vaccination ,help line numbers and many too.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am very proud of the login system and online journal as it took the most time and effort. I had never done something like both of them before and being able to complete it was very satisfying and make me proud. I was very happy with the way the quick links and covid-19 live stats worked despite the struggles I faced with creating it. I am also very proud of the interaction between pages and all the resources we have for others to use on their precautions and taking care of symptoms This project was mostly focused on giving back and sharing my experience so I'm very happy that I got to share some tips and resources focusing on varied topics in precautions ,health tips ,about vaccination too.

What we learned

I learned how people can be secure during this pandemic and get all the requirements .I tried a lot to provide all the neccessary topics over this project.

What's next for Coronavirus health Care app

I basically thinking to help my nation in such a way that everyone needs to be fine with this pandemic situation. This app also redirects you to many official covid-19 related apps where you can access vaccination and also get the complete details about this pandemic situation and also control over it.

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